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The aim of building enterprise culture is to increase operational efficiency, to shape the overall image, and to improve the enterprise core competitiveness, in order to achieve sustainable growth of enterprise business benefits. In the process of building corporate culture, Wintop has found the right footing and has strengthened the concept of "people-oriented". We will promote Wintop's healthy and rapid development and growing bigger and bigger in the industry, by practicing what is advocated in our enterprise culture, including personalities, expertise, ability to operate, good work styles and art of leadership.


Core Philosophy: Create an Excellent Brand and Keep Integrity Forever

Corporate Spirit: Respect for Individuals and Jobs Innovation and Pioneering Unity and Strife Rigor and Preciseness

Corporate Style: Strictness Speediness

Team Awareness: Unity is our strength.

Corporate Objective: To be as tough as the diamond and create products leading our times

Talent Concept: A talent does his job well. An excellent talent goes for innovation and pioneering.

Purpose: Security Development Effectiveness

Purpose of Science and Technology: Innovate technology Achieve more

Market Principles: Create market Lead market

Service Purpose: Put customers first in our heart.

Service Commitment: Select once and To be trouble-free later

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